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“Pat's background and experience was critical to the success of the programs in leadership and multicultural interaction. She brought a fresh and exciting approach as well as an extremely positive attitude to the challenge.”

Global Education
and Training Director

“Dynamic, very frank and open speaker, passionate for her topic.”

HR Partner,
Quebec, Canada

“As all companies globalize, I believe cultural training such as the one you provide is an excellent investment for the corporations.”

—Lucent Technologies,
International Marketing
Vice President

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Consulting & Coaching:
Executive-Level Training for Global Growth and Profit

Executive-Level Training for Global Growth and Profit No matter what part of the world you plan to grow your business in, it's a giant step for your entire organization--especially for the trusted executives and high-potential employees you'll be depending upon to make the expansion successful. Often the biggest challenge is getting the people in your organization to work together effectively.

Let Global Workplace and Pat Tith help you uncover the three successes required for any business to succeed in today's culturally diverse workplace--people success, retention success, and global success.

Pat understands the challenge of global expansion in today's multicultural marketplace, and she's uniquely qualified to help your key personnel not only survive the transition but come out of it more confident and better prepared to meet your expectations.

With her in-depth and personalized consulting and coaching programs, Pat can help make your first steps into the global market less stressful and more profitable.
After all, the best capital in your bank is your human capital!

Pat's In-Depth Coaching

One-on-one executive coaching for mid to senior-level managers and executives who are motivated to improve leadership capabilities in their new global workplace. Pat is an expert
in "human capacity building," which results in high-performance teams, high-performance managers and high-performance employees.

She will show you how to transform the way your organization works. This is a results-oriented program and individualized to focus on specific business needs that will:

  • Directly impact productivity and effectiveness in the global arena

  • Contribute to the long-term development of a multicultural organization within
    a global workplace

Pat works closely with your team to develop coaches within your organization by:

  • Creating an internal coaching capacity

  • Assisting you in developing coaches in your organization

  • Enabling managers and executives to develop and retain high-potential employees

Comprehensive Consulting

Global Workplace works with you to develop and implement programs to meet the specific needs and specific business challenges of your growing organization. Pat partners with you to establish timely solutions to organizational issues that slow down performance and effectiveness in areas such as:

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Joint ventures

  • Global effectiveness

  • Global teams

  • International management skills

  • Virtual teams

  • Global effectiveness

  • Global workplace

Pat Tith works with your team leaders (virtual or intact) who manage and communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds and deal with time differences and distance. They discover valuable techniques and gain cultural insights that can improve your international relationships and increase your global productivity.

Pat's "Human Capacity Building" programs create high-performance workplaces that positively impact bottom line results, people productivity, people motivation, and workplace satisfaction.

Profit from an expanded global business and cultural perspective. Pat Tith can
show your organization the path to improved global efficiency and productivity.
Call 1-202-293-7748 to discuss your global options today.

Pat Tith is a member of the National Speakers Association (Member NSA) and International Federation for Professional Speakers (Member IFFPS).
For more information, call us at +1 202-293-7748 or send a fax to +1 202-466-3376.
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