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Receive a free special report on the “Four Don'ts for Your First Business Trip to China” by Pat Tith. Just enter your name and email below.Receive a free special report on the “Four Don'ts for Your First Business Trip to China” by Pat Tith. Just enter
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“Pat's background and experience was critical to the success of the programs in leadership and multicultural interaction. She brought a fresh and exciting approach as well as an extremely positive attitude to the challenge.”

Global Education
and Training Director

“Dynamic, very frank and open speaker, passionate for her topic.”

HR Partner,
Quebec, Canada

“As all companies globalize, I believe cultural training such as the one you provide is an excellent investment for the corporations.”

—Lucent Technologies,
International Marketing
Vice President

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Essential Management Training for the Global Workplace

Pat Tith, Essential Management Training for the Global WorkplaceAny business, no matter what country or part of the world it's in, is only as strong as its executive leadership. Without far-sighted, creative, and responsive executives at every level of your organization, consistent growth and global expansion just aren't possible.

How does your executive team measure up? Ask yourself if any of the following challenges sound familiar to your business:

  • Leading and managing the tried-and-true way no longer seems effective

  • Executives lack essential skills for working with a diverse workforce

  • Key managers have weak communication and listening skills

  • Management styles fail to create an environment of trust where employees are eager to come to work and be self motivated

Let Pat Tith and Global Workplace help your managers and key executives brush up their leadership skills to create a positive environment where all employees are self motivated and eager to contribute to your organization's growth. Quick and easy-to-implement solutions to your common leadership issues may include:

  • Identifying different leadership styles

  • Developing a better understanding of today’s employees and their expectations

  • Developing employee-coaching skills

  • Winning the "talent war" and retaining the best talent

  • Developing world-class communication and listening skills

  • Understanding and leading a multicultural workforce

  • Building and profiting from a global mindset

Every program Pat creates is customized to target the specific needs of your organization. Her solutions are delivered to you through one-on-one consulting, customized training, and realistic coaching that's reinforced by using the Internet, webinars, and teleseminars.

You too can profit from an expanded global and cultural perspective once you have
a cohesive and global-minded leadership team in place.
Let Pat Tith show you
the path to improved workplace efficiency and productivity on a global scale.
Call 1-202-293-7748 today.

Pat Tith is a member of the National Speakers Association (Member NSA) and International Federation for Professional Speakers (Member IFFPS).
For more information, call us at +1 202-293-7748 or send a fax to +1 202-466-3376.
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